Issa’s Story Published by The Atavist

My story “The American Unsettlement System,” about the resettlement of Congolese refugee Issa and his twin brother, has been co-published by The Atavist and the Pearson Foundation on the former’s cloud-based Creatavist platform.

You can download the Storymakers iTunes app here (once you download, it, “The American Unsettlement System” is the second option under “Grand Prize Winners”). The story is best viewed on a tablet, but if you want to view the story on your computer the browser-based version is available here.

“The American Unsettlement System” incorporates audio, visual and text-based extras to enhance the original reporting. You can through the story linearly, swipe back and forth chapters to engage in the multimedia extras, or listen to the story as an audiobook.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 1.48.50 PM
If you have any questions about the story, the Storymakers Award, or the Creatavist platform please contact me.

Data Visualization: Immigration Explorer

With this interactive map from the New York Times, you can select certain foreign-born groups to see how they settled across the United States. Although the map is dated (it was created in March of 2009) and groups all African immigrants together, you can still see some very interesting patterns of settlement across the country over time.

Immigration Explorer interactive map

Sources for the map are listed as: Social Explorer,; Minnesota Population Center; and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Why Did You Come to America?

This week The Guardian crowdsourced reasons why people from all over the world have migrated. Using the hashtag #WhyMigrate, The Guardian heard from people who migrated to South Africa, Poland, the United States, Thailand, and Malaysia. Some of the reasons people gave was to see the world, to become involved in politics, to escape poor living conditions, and for reasons of safety and security.

That made me want to ask those among the US-Congolese population: #WhyMigrate?