#WhyMigrate? The Guardian Wants Your Stories

This morning I received an email from fellow community manager Maeve Shearlaw of The Guardian’s Global Development beat, which I admire and follow.
The Guardian has been crowdsourcing reasons people migrate on Twitter with the hashtag #WhyMigrate?
In a last push for their #WhyMigrate article, The Guardian is looking for last-minute submissions from the Congolese Diaspora. How has migration affected you and your family? What is life like now? How do you interact with people back home? If you have a good story, please send 400 words to Shearlaw at The Guardian.
The deadline is 12pm GMT tomorrow, January 30.

[View the story “#Whymigrate? Exploring migration through twitter ” on Storify]

Update 1/31/2013, 9:41 a.m.: Here is the “Reader’s Voices” piece by The Guardian. Although the deadline has passed, if you want to add your voice please email me.


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