New Hampshire’s Immigration Story

Here’s an awesome series from NHPR looking at the state of Immigration in New Hampshire.

The series, which took place over nine months in 2012, includes wonderful voices such as Eva Castillo, Coordinator for The New Hampshire Alliance of Immigrants and Refugees; Augustin Ntabaganyimana, Director of Resettlement services for Lutheran Social Services of New Hampshire; Salaam Ode, a medical and legal interpreter and translator in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts; Amadou Hamady, coordinator of the Refugee School Impact Program administered by the International Institute of New Hampshire; and Dawn Higgins, director of cross cultural communication at the New Hampshire Technical Institute.

Some of my favorite stories in the series:
Is New Hampshire Putting Skilled Immigrants to Good Use?
Socrates Exchange: Who is American?
Teaching Refugee Students: Challenges and Rewards
New Hampshire’s Immigration Story: Culture Clashes
The Economics of Immigration in the Granite State
Traumatized Refugees Struggle to Make New Hampshire Home
New Hampshire’s Immigration Story: What We’ve Learned


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